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Important Information You Need To Know
In recent years, any number of scam artists have used stolen Social Security number to file fraudulent tax returns, claiming refunds to which they are -of course- not entitled. Only when the victims, the true owners of those identification number, file their returns and claim a refund that gets rejected, do they discover that their identities have been stolen. The ruse involves billions of dollars. Now the Internal Revenue Service says it is aware of the problem and is taking steps designed to detect these fake returns. These measures may cause all refunds to be slowed this year. Meanwhile, it's smart to file your tax return as early as possible, before the thieves do. If you are hacked, your refund may eventually make its way to you, but it wqill take lots of time and great effort to convince the IRS. Hurry! If you haven't filed yet, come see us at GM Hietpas CPA, LLC.